Recommended Books and Commentaries on the Gospel of Mark

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The books below are ones I recommend for the study of the Gospel of Mark. The first column lists introductions to Mark, and you will see that I am especially promoting a narrative and reader-response approach. Below that you will find a listing of the most reliable modern commentaries on the Gospel of Mark.


Mark as Story
Important work on Mark that provides good introduction  to narrative reading of the Gospel. Works well at the popular level.

Mark: Black
If you only get one commentary on Mark, I recommend this one. It is attentive to narrative, rhetorical, and theological matters, but it is not overly technical. My first choice for pastors, preachers, and Bible study leaders.

Mark & Method
Provides a variety of approaches to Mark. I especially like Moore's deconstructive chapter and Fowler's reader-response one.

Mark: Juel
A popular-level commentary backed by solid scholarship and narrative awareness

Fascinating and provocative reader-response approach to Mark

Attention to literary aspects, especially intratextuality and intertextuality

Surprise: Juel
A bit dated but still an excellent introduction using a reader-response approach

Marcus v1
Anchor Bible series > Scholarly and thorough. The one to check when you need the most information

Secrecy: Kermode
A classic dealing with literary aspects of Mark that was inspiration for many subsequent works

Marcus v2
Anchor Bible series > Scholarly and thorough. The one to check when you need the most information

Mark: Williamson
A good, reliable commentary in the Interpretation series

Marked: Ross
An edgy, graphic novel approach to Mark!

Mark: France
Somewhat more technical commentary in NIGTC series assuming knowledge of Greek

A commentary that pays special attention to the socio-rhetorical aspects of the Gospel

Strauss: Mark
This series assumes some knowledge of Greek, but it has features useful to anyone. Each section includes a "Literary Context," an outline, the "Main Idea," a translation that is graphical laid out to indicate the logic of the text, a section on "Structure and Literary Form," an exegetical outline, and then a verse by verse explanation of the text.
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