Gustav Doré Gallery of Bible Illustrations

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Gustave Doré at Wikipedia: biography, links to images and other sites

NOTE: Images included below are not original size and simply provided to give some idea of quality. Check the notes for more info.

Doré Gallery of Bible Illustrations
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Complete OT/NT

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images tend to be a bit dark

The Doré Bible Gallery
compiled by Felix Just, S.J.
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The large files are of very fine quality. If you want the best graphics, these are the ones you want.

The Dore Gallery of Bible Illustrations

uses images

Complete OT/NT 

Link to Divine Comedy images

Bible Illustrations by G. Doré  Complete OT/NT

downloadable zip file of whole collection, but also viewable individually online in medium (526x716px ~150Kb) and large (1564x2132px ~1.8Mb) sizes

Gustave Doré Art Collections Only 8 images from Bible Gallery, but does include many from other works and separate images: Divine Comedy, Paradise Lost, Jesus, Jacob,  

Also has a postcard feature so that you can send pictures as e-postcards

links to commercial sites to purchase prints

Available in Bible Software


Gallery of Bible Art

Included in all but Entry level libraries or available separately for $30

Bible Art is a collection of great artwork depicting scenes from the Bible. It features over 300 works by such masters as Gustave Doré, Rembrandt, Rubens, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and others!

Arranged as a reference tool, you can view Bible Art in parallel with the text of the Bible to create your own illustrated Bible! And the scope of these illustrations is tremendous. In addition to the Bible stories you would typically see illustrated, there are also illustrations of lesser known narratives such as Jeroboam setting up the idol at Bethel or the destruction of Sennacherib's army. Furthermore, since this module is arranged as a reference tool, you can view it in a pane alongside the Bible text and see the text illustrated. (from Accordance description)


User-created module for free download (Pasquale! Install to Program Files/BibleWorks#/databases directory)

uses Felix Just images

NT only

linked to/from biblical texts

appears in Windows Help module


Gustave Doré New Testament Woodcuts

available as free graphics download (self-exectutable file)

NT only

appear to use own scans; note sepia tone

940x706px ~2Mb

link back to biblical text


free download via update menu or from here

uses images

Complete OT/NT

Links to/from biblical text


Free PBB (~3.8Mb: copy to Program Files/Libronix DLS/Resources directory) compiled by Don Ring


uses images

Complete OT/NT

Table of contents

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