Best Resources for Original Language Bible Study

My assumptions here are that people need a variety of resources to conduct Bible study for preaching, teaching, self-edification, reflection, and devotion. At the seminary where I teach (LTSG), about a year's worth of Greek is required. Hebrew is not required but is encouraged as an elective. I am assuming some facility with Greek, therefore, but I am not assuming that people will be 'fluent' in Hebrew or even Greek. I do assume that with the proper resources they will be able to make use of both. I am also assuming here that English is the primary, native language, and so the secondary resources and translations I highlight are English ones. 

BTW, one of the most important things you can do to prepare to learn and understand a foreign language is to be familiar with English grammar. Check the resources on this page.

Resources in bold are resources that are among the first you should get (and often required in classes). For some resources, I indicate that they are "usable." By this term I am indicating that they are not the best resource available, but they are probably cheap and good enough until you can afford getting a better resource. This listing is not exhaustive but is specially intended to be a short list. Resources in green are ones that are relatively expensive (usually $100 or more) but are among the best resources for which you should save up your money. Note that many of these resources are also available as resources in Bible software.

Hebrew Resources

Greek Resources

English Bibles

Students need a range of English Bible translations.

Study Bible

There are a number of fine choices (including a Lutheran Study Bible coming in 2009; also check this survey), but I would highlight the following:

Bible Commentaries

Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Bible Atlas

Other Texts and Resources

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