Logos 5 Lutheran Gold Collection Resources

In addition to a fine collection of resources for basic Bible study, I am here focusing on resources related to the "Lutheran" label of this collection. I have bolded resources I think are particularly important. I have also added at points information regarding the author and/or publisher and/or date of publication. (Texts marked with † are part of the Fortress Press Luther Studies Collection.)

Ancient Texts and Morphologies


Bible Commentaries

Church History

Liturgy, Hymns and Prayer Books


Preaching and Teaching


  • Revised Common Lectionary (ELCA et al)
  • Revised Common Lectionary Daily Readings
  • Lutheran Service Book Historic (One Year) Lectionary (LCMS)
  • Lutheran Service Book Three Year Lectionary (LCMS)
  • Christian Worship (WELS) one/three year schedules