Resources for Reading the Bible in Greek and Hebrew for Those Who Don't Read Greek or Hebrew

It is indeed possible to know just enough about something to be 'dangerous.' It's even more dangerous, especially when it comes to biblical interpretation, to think that you know more than you do! D. A. Carson's book on Exegetical Fallacies is worth checking, and there is a good online summary of it HERE. And, as someone who loves and teaches Koine Greek, I will say upfront that ideally there should be a rigorous, ongoing engagement with the original languages. (Cf. here.) Every seminary student who plans to teach or preach should have a solid grounding in the biblical languages.

So it with some trepidation that I recommend biblical resources that engage with the original Hebrew and Greek for persons who do not know Hebrew or Greek.

The major Bible software programs/apps like Accordance and Logos are amazing and make available a  wide variety of tools and resources for both novices and experts. One of their best features is cross- or sympathetic highlighting. Putting your mouse over a word in English will highlight the word in a parallel original language text and include its parsing and meaning. Whether working at the word or verse level, you also have instant access to lexicons, grammars, Bible dictionaries, lexical searches, and more. 

These programs can be expensive, but there are numerous free online resources or downloadable programs and apps.

For a more complete survey of free online Bible resources, downloadable programs, or apps, check my blog post HERE.